Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mama's Day

So mother's day was Sunday and like I mentioned before my mom does NOT dig going out to eat on holidays like this one. The wait is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! They take forever to bring you drinks, food, and once you they do they totally forget about you. I know it's not always the waitress or waiter's fault but GEEZ, can't people stay home so MY mom can go out to eat on mother's day! She deserves it!

Anyway, my sister and I planned out a day with my mom on Saturday. We took her to get her hair done at 2pm then did a little shopping. She LOVED her hair cut! David's cousin works at Visible Changes and did a GREAT job on her hair. We had lunch at Saltgrass and we exchanged gifts. My mom got me a dress and some shoes! LOVING IT! My sister gave me a charm from James Avery and she asked me to be her "BEAST of Honor" :) Me and my sister call each other BEAST, nice I know. Anyway! I said YES! and so the planning begins! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

By the time we got done is was almost 7pm and David and I had made plans to go see Iron Man 2 at Star Grill Cinema. My mom watched Melina for us and my sister, her fiance, David, David's cousin Fre, and 2 other cousins ended up going to the movies with us. It was good!
Sunday, I woke up and David and I went to get something for his mother. We picked up my mom and Melina at her job and went over to my mom's house for a while. We took David's mom her gift and went home. So we get home and we had made plans to have dinner at 6pm. David says "I'll be back" and leaves! of course I knew he was going out to get my mother's day gift. He always waits until the day of to get it. So in the mean time I clean up around the house and put a load to wash...I hear the garage door and here comes David with....DRUM ROLL PLEASE! MY LOUIS VUITTON MAKE UP BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was excited but yet I have this guilt over's so expensive and I just don't know if I want to keep it!
We went to dinner at Olive Garden because Melina LOVES it. Michelle and Corey joined us for dinner and it was nice. After that we went home and called it a night.
I had a great Mother's Day!

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