Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mama's Day

So mother's day was Sunday and like I mentioned before my mom does NOT dig going out to eat on holidays like this one. The wait is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! They take forever to bring you drinks, food, and once you they do they totally forget about you. I know it's not always the waitress or waiter's fault but GEEZ, can't people stay home so MY mom can go out to eat on mother's day! She deserves it!

Anyway, my sister and I planned out a day with my mom on Saturday. We took her to get her hair done at 2pm then did a little shopping. She LOVED her hair cut! David's cousin works at Visible Changes and did a GREAT job on her hair. We had lunch at Saltgrass and we exchanged gifts. My mom got me a dress and some shoes! LOVING IT! My sister gave me a charm from James Avery and she asked me to be her "BEAST of Honor" :) Me and my sister call each other BEAST, nice I know. Anyway! I said YES! and so the planning begins! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

By the time we got done is was almost 7pm and David and I had made plans to go see Iron Man 2 at Star Grill Cinema. My mom watched Melina for us and my sister, her fiance, David, David's cousin Fre, and 2 other cousins ended up going to the movies with us. It was good!
Sunday, I woke up and David and I went to get something for his mother. We picked up my mom and Melina at her job and went over to my mom's house for a while. We took David's mom her gift and went home. So we get home and we had made plans to have dinner at 6pm. David says "I'll be back" and leaves! of course I knew he was going out to get my mother's day gift. He always waits until the day of to get it. So in the mean time I clean up around the house and put a load to wash...I hear the garage door and here comes David with....DRUM ROLL PLEASE! MY LOUIS VUITTON MAKE UP BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was excited but yet I have this guilt over's so expensive and I just don't know if I want to keep it!
We went to dinner at Olive Garden because Melina LOVES it. Michelle and Corey joined us for dinner and it was nice. After that we went home and called it a night.
I had a great Mother's Day!


I know I've been M.I.A. it's just been a crazy week!

My laptop is INFESTED with viruses and I can't even run a program without it trying to run some stupid "clean-up software" UGH! What sucks the most is that we have all these pictures on there and I don't know what to do to get them off of there! HELP ME!! Anyone know anyone who can help me!?!?!?

Melina was sick yesterday. She woke up throwing up and didn't eat a thing all day! That is very unlike her. Even when she's been sick in the past she always manages to eat something. I was really worried. But this morning she was back to her normal self just really thirsty. She managed to go to school and I haven't received a call from the school nurse. AMEN!

This week has flown by! Thank you Jesus! Tomorrow is Friday which is good but I still have lots to do at home. Clean, wash, etc...a mother's work is never done. Speaking of mother, I'm taking my mom to get her hair done and have lunch on Saturday since she's working on Sunday, and she hates going out to eat on holidays like this because the service sucks! I agree! This calls for another POST! :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Old blue

For those of you who didn't know, I got a new car for my 30th birthday. So I passed "lil red", my Honda Accord to David. So since we only have room for 2 cars, poor old trusty blue has to go bye-bye. David washed it, vacuumed it and clean it up and put it on Craiglist. We've had a few offers but it hasn't been officially sold. Well David broke the news to Melina this afternoon and she started crying because she said she was going to miss it. My sensitive. She cried last night while watching The Incredible Hulk because the "bad guy was winning".

Well I must say that I'll miss old blue too, we never had any problems with it and it was always there for us when the other car was feeling under the weather. I hope we find a good home for old blue.

Iron Chef Michele

Melina has always loved watching the Food Network. She even knows the chefs/cooks names and their shows. She even prefers watching it over cartoons sometimes. Her favorites include, Bobby Flay, Chef Cora, Rachel Ray, and Guy Fieri. For those who watch, there's a show called Iron Chef America. Chefs compete against IRON chefs using a "secret" ingredient and the food is judged on taste, creativity, etc. The "Chairman" is super funny, he reveals the "secret" ingredient and does flips for no reason. He's really dramatic when he announces the winner too.

Anyhow, Melina loves to pretend she's on the show and she's one of the judges. She plays this every night at dinner. So last night we had turkey burgers and fries. Once again my cooking was judged by Judge Melina and David. She gives David 10 minutes to taste the food before they judge. They award me points depending on how good the food is. The faces and hand gestures she makes when she's eating are HILARIOUS! Some of her past comments include "the flavor of the chicken explodes in my mouth and it's so tasty!"and "the meat is full of flavor and blends well with the vegetables". Melina loves her food.

So last night she said the burger was "delicious" but my fries were "good, but a bit too salty". David agreed with her comments and she awarded me "one-hundred billion eight-hundred, thousand points"....AND THE WINNER IISSSS......CHEF MICHELE!!!!!!!!!!!! She cracks me up!!! I love playing this game, because according to Melina and David I'm an IRON CHEF! Even when my meat is not seasoned enough, I burn the rice, or I over season. I guess my "secret" ingredient every time I cook is LOVE.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Meet the family!

I'll start off with David, my husband. He's 29, although he loves his Call of Duty SO much that I feel like i'm married to a 12 year old at times. He's a registered nurse in the emergency room at Christus St. John's Hospital. In case you didn't know this already, David knows EVERYTHING! If you don't believe me you can ask anyone and they will tell you the same. He loves motorcycles, sports, pool, yo-yo's, electronics, bowling, darts you name it he does it. Oh! and just like me loves to eat!

My little Melina... She's 5 years old but thinks she's 15. She loves to sing and dance, mostly sing. She knows every song that plays on the radio. She's currenlty in Kindergarden at Our Lady of Guadalupe School. She's a smart cookie, she skipped pre-k! She truely is something else and I thank God everyday for having her in my life.

Me, myself and I, i'm the BIG 3-0! I'm a Sales Assistant at Salzgitter Mannesmann near the Galleria. I love to shop! I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I like hosting parties and I enjoy having company over. I listen to all genres of music, but I especially love dancing to "booty" music. I enjoy going out to eat and trying out new places. I'd like to travel the world one day, maybe when i'm old and gray, but for now i'm enjoying my life just the way it is.

This is just a little introduction to who the Murillos are...we hope to extend our little family soon, we're still waiting on the stork to pay us a visit, but for the time being you can read about our daily adventures!