Thursday, April 29, 2010

Old blue

For those of you who didn't know, I got a new car for my 30th birthday. So I passed "lil red", my Honda Accord to David. So since we only have room for 2 cars, poor old trusty blue has to go bye-bye. David washed it, vacuumed it and clean it up and put it on Craiglist. We've had a few offers but it hasn't been officially sold. Well David broke the news to Melina this afternoon and she started crying because she said she was going to miss it. My sensitive. She cried last night while watching The Incredible Hulk because the "bad guy was winning".

Well I must say that I'll miss old blue too, we never had any problems with it and it was always there for us when the other car was feeling under the weather. I hope we find a good home for old blue.


  1. Melina is so sensitive...I wonder where she gets that from!?!?! :-)

    Old Blue looks GOOD! All shiny y todo! :)

  2. Yeah I wonder...

    It does!! Makes me want to buy it! ;o)