Thursday, April 29, 2010

Iron Chef Michele

Melina has always loved watching the Food Network. She even knows the chefs/cooks names and their shows. She even prefers watching it over cartoons sometimes. Her favorites include, Bobby Flay, Chef Cora, Rachel Ray, and Guy Fieri. For those who watch, there's a show called Iron Chef America. Chefs compete against IRON chefs using a "secret" ingredient and the food is judged on taste, creativity, etc. The "Chairman" is super funny, he reveals the "secret" ingredient and does flips for no reason. He's really dramatic when he announces the winner too.

Anyhow, Melina loves to pretend she's on the show and she's one of the judges. She plays this every night at dinner. So last night we had turkey burgers and fries. Once again my cooking was judged by Judge Melina and David. She gives David 10 minutes to taste the food before they judge. They award me points depending on how good the food is. The faces and hand gestures she makes when she's eating are HILARIOUS! Some of her past comments include "the flavor of the chicken explodes in my mouth and it's so tasty!"and "the meat is full of flavor and blends well with the vegetables". Melina loves her food.

So last night she said the burger was "delicious" but my fries were "good, but a bit too salty". David agreed with her comments and she awarded me "one-hundred billion eight-hundred, thousand points"....AND THE WINNER IISSSS......CHEF MICHELE!!!!!!!!!!!! She cracks me up!!! I love playing this game, because according to Melina and David I'm an IRON CHEF! Even when my meat is not seasoned enough, I burn the rice, or I over season. I guess my "secret" ingredient every time I cook is LOVE.


  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE MELINA!! You need to record this one day. I wanna see!

  2. lil beast!!! last time she had me "filming" her while she hosted a cooking show...i think we might have our own lil rachel ray in the making.